Corporate Social Media Excellence Award

The "Corporate Social Media Excellence Award" honors those organizations that have achieved excellence in innovative usage of Social Media strategies, usage of smart internet technologies and tools for the implementation of smart governance strategies to support superior outcomes across the broad spectrum of services and activities delivered to the public and private sectors. This award is presented to an organization that has demonstrated optimum use of Social Media procedures for taking smart governance to the next level.

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Embraced outstanding achievements in implementing Smart Social Media strategies.
2. Transacted tangible aids to develop business procedures and smart governance systems.
3. Took smart governance and smart service to the next gradations via social media platforms.
4. Developed proactive tactics of smart governance integration via Social Media platforms.
5. Promoted smart administrative system’s best business strategies on social media.
6. Facilitated major contributions to the transformation of management support services.
7. Established strong public e-government strategy through social media.
8. Integrated smart solution for the smart services of business and management tool.
9. Forged campaigns for making social media safe and secure.
10. Demonstrated creativity and innovation in achieving outstanding social media campaigns.
11. Has creative, design, digital, marketing, advertising, media, and public relations organizations.
12. Consistently delivers excellence in social content, programs, and results.
13. Channelized the chatter to create innovative, meaningful engagement for tangible results.
14. Possesses unparalleled expertise in social media management and insights social analytics.
15. Strategically grows their brands, businesses, and customer relationships with social media.
16. Providing social customer care and employee advocacy to empower organization.
17. Delivered unique and original digital media projects.
18. Initiated best creative execution or creative direction of advertising content by a media agency.

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