Health Care Smart Services Excellence Award

The "Health Care Smart Services Excellence Award", honors those healthcare organizations that have achieved excellence in innovative use of ICT for pioneering technologies and tools in healthcare services to support superior outcomes across the broad spectrum of services and activities delivered by healthcare professionals. Healthcare contains a broad spectrum of services and activities delivered by a team of health personnel.

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Demonstrated the breadth commitment to integrate information and communication technologies.
2. Effectively and efficiently introduced electronic health record systems into educational materials.
3. Demonstrated an exceptional contribution to e-health through curriculum development/renewal.
4. Created mechanisms that would encourage the incorporation of e-health in healthcare system.
5. Deploys appropriate technologies to develop the product, with a good mix of functions and features.
6. Provided good, clear, and consistent competence in responses to customers FAQs.
7. Sustained engagement for a lifetime of exceptional leadership that impacted the GCC region.
8. Showcased tremendous value to the community and society in the e-health sector.
9. Enhanced accessibility, reach of social integration, and impact on the quality of human well-being.
10. Introduced best practices in the healthcare sector by using IT to promote patient safety.
11. Established use of mobile technology in healthcare along with usage of social media in healthcare.
12. Contributes to the countrywide knowledge development by publishing in journals and magazines.
13. Delivered first of its kind a solutions and support for it in defined regional standards.
14. Took calculated risks in delivering benefits to the Country's healthcare system for patients and staff.
15. Demonstrated leadership in eHealth deployment, innovation, policy development and advocacy.
16. Established training programs at the regional level toward healthcare transformation.
17. Developed transformative high-risk, high-reward advances in computer and information science.
18. Blended engineering, statistics, and cognitive research with the healthcare sector.
19. Fostered advanced technologies in healthcare such as AI applications in primary healthcare.
20. Introduced smart healthcare services with a significant positive impact on resident health.
21. Introduced Intelligent technologies of service systems by improving medical devices, optimizing treatment processes, and empowering disease diagnosis and prediction.
22. Transformed the organizational structure, ecosystem, and model of the healthcare industry.

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