Internet Of Things (IoT) Connectivity Excellence Award

The ‘Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity Excellence Award’ will be presented to a government or business organization, from the Middle East region, for the best use of IoT Connectivity to deliver or enhance government or business services and recognizes the work, leadership, and transformation that stand out in the IoT Connectivity.

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Provided the most innovative IoT-related application and technology platform applications.
2. Introduced apps that are most valuable or beneficial to both the user & provider.
3. Demonstrated next-level innovative development in technology with IoT application enablement.
4. Provided solution to unresolved issue subsequently addressed with positive impact on clients.
5. Identified a need and resolved it with IOT solutions.
6. Showcased the greatest innovation in connected technology and enriched the lives of customers.
7. Significantly improved the productivity and profitability of the organization with IoT connectivity.
8. Improved competitive advantages of organization with the installation of a product or solution.
9. Used IOT to create an impressive, pioneering project that changed the way your business operates.
10. Helped users to gain greater benefits from all their data with the easy-to-access elements.
11. outpaced competitors by unstructured data, data pattern detection, and advanced deep searching.
12. Made transformational impact of IoT on our economy and society.
13. Implemented the most creative and effective solutions using IoT and telematics technologies.
14. Influenced the industry's best practices, standards, and frameworks via technology advancement.
15. Has the best businesses and products currently illuminating the Internet of Things landscape.
16. Innovated IoT / RFID product or solution that is easy to deploy, cost-effective and addressed market needs that provides additional value to its customers.

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