Smart Airport Service Excellence Award

“Smart Airport Services Excellence Award” recognizes the best airport in providing the best traveler experiences across different airport service and product key performance indicators - check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security, and immigration to departure at the gate.

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Introduced the solutions to crucial operations of passengers' changing needs and expectations.
2. Helped staff and stakeholders to meet passenger’s expectations by implementing smart services.
3. Trained the staff that best serves the traveler's needs and comfort with integration of smart services.
4. Developed the best and easiest airport journey with most enjoyable Airport environment.
5. Built the cleanest airport space and atmosphere.
6. Contributed to developing companies to distinguish them in the R&D baggage-handling solutions.
7. Contributed to develop increased passenger flow and queuing solutions.
8. Developed a trend that can be seen with digital baggage handling and screening products.
9. Made efforts to develop the various types of IoT and IoT-related technologies.
10. Contributed to develop the implementation of biometric technology.
11. Has step up a camera at the boarding gate, and their picture is used to confirm their identities.
12. Established a system to grant authorization to travel within seconds for international travels.
13. Significantly made strategies paving the path for the growth of years to come.
14. Developed the virtual airport metaverse platform, efficiently using smart Airport’s processes.
15. Introduced the PARALLEL REALITY experience, departing and connecting customers at the Airport.
16. Built an experience that allows users to virtually tour and navigates the Premium check-in area.
17. Developed punctuality and on-time performance as a a key factor in Service quality.
18. Built branded Food chains, fancy restaurants and shops at the airport.

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