Smart Banking Services Excellence Award

The "Smart Banking Services Excellence Award" is presented to an organization, from the Middle East region, with an online banking system that is a true asset to the business that deploys it. This award is given to an organization that has demonstrated improved productivity, security, ease of use, and acceptability among users.

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Developed and implemented innovative smart banking services and solutions.
2. Supports the public sector and assist the private sector's to moves into e-Business and e-commerce.
3. Fosters new technologies for organizations and customers, improving customer service satisfaction.
4. Promotes online banking to reduce service costs (e.g., free email alerts, bill payments, etc.
5. Endorsed safe banking practices and encouraged EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).
6. Demonstrated an e-Banking vision and strategy that makes it globally competitive.
7. Implemented system that provide easy reimbursement in case of transaction failure.
8. All fees and service charges have an easy-to-view strategy with and no additional hidden charges.
9. Offered various web interfaces for various languages and search tools for customer transactions.
10. Enabled automated email confirmation to merchants and customers.
11. Developed strategies for attracting and servicing online customers growth.
12. Developed tremendous online breadth of product offerings, website design and functionality.
13. Has a proven track record of implementing the world-class banking products and services.
14. Monitored e-banking environment, discouraging many illegal and illegitimate practices.
15. Significantly discourages money laundering, fraud, and embezzlement with best practices.
16. Recognized as regional player in electronic financial transactions.
17. Developed mobile application designed to meet the unique needs of both consumers and business.
18. Has online platforms that deliver and enables fast, secure, and convenient payments.
19. Has the best Investment strategy with Corporate Finance and Funding.
20. Developed risk management, cash & liquidity management (Inc. payments & collections) platform.

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