Smart Content Excellence Award

The "Smart Content Excellence Award" aims to recognize an organization from the Middle East region for achieving breakthrough innovation and outstanding performance in Smart Content, thus improving services in the market it serves.

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Upgraded the standard of Smart Content to match the Smart Services for which it operates.
2. Created Smart Content to be user-friendly.
3. Exhibits the fast and accurate understanding of the Smart Content.
4. Have Smart Content been approved and accepted by the authorities involved.
5. Established the Smart Content for its users' better understanding and operation.
6. made high quality, innovative or unexpected content commissioned by a brand.
7. The smart content can include text, infographics, film, video games, music, and online competitions.
8. Content Immensely stimulates the interest of targeted audience and drive customer engagement.
9. Pushed the boundaries and utilizes a new, unique, or especially creative manner in content creation.
10. Implemented outside-the-box ideas in the content to engage the reader or viewer.
11. Developed the content value, and simultaneously delivered positive content outcomes.
12. Utilizes content as the key elements for a clear vision to enhance the writer's overall strategy.
13. Introduced events, or a specific event targeted to the mass public to reach a specified outcome.
14. The content can be carried out offline, online or hybrid, creating a positive experience in mass public.
15. Created effective and innovative platform prompting consumer behavior to increase consumption.
16. The content can be delivered via mobile channels, including apps and websites.
17. Content recognizes program to optimize channels to build strong relationships with the audience.
18. Engage new and existing audience while driving core business objectives with smart content.

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