Smart Education Systems Excellence Award

The "Smart Education Systems Excellence Award" will honor an educational institution or ministry in the Middle East that has incorporated modern education tools into their knowledge management department and propagated the knowledge development of the organizations in ways more than one. The awards would mainly focus on the functionality of the tools used in connecting the learner with the peer group.

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Made availability of quality education by implementing borderless classrooms and e-learning tools.
2. Ensures a solid infrastructure to support the modernization of state-of-the-art learning platforms.
3. Committed to make sure the teaching material was well structured and found to be engaging.
4. Have education tools, and simulations are judged to be realistic analogs of the 'real world'.
5. Facilitated interaction with faculty and peers to encourage and participants are warmly received.
6. Confirmed that participants worked at their own pace and material reviewed and discussed later.
7. Developed to provide a lab experience during online learning and enhanced student experience.
8. Focused that online was as beneficial to students as of in-person labs would be.
9. Developed digital learning resources to solve problems by improving tools and methods.
10. Established Improved teaching materials and practices in the e-learning industry.
11. Led innovation in teaching and learning in their institution.
12. Helped students learn to design and plan experiments and develop data analysis skills.
13. Provided students with resources to help students develop key skills ready for joining the workplace.
14. Developed smart worksheet resources for the whole department across undergraduate and masters.
15. Established flexible and tailored approach to meet diverse individual requirements.
16. Developed pedagogical strategies to manage sensitive, adaptable timely responsive.

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