Smart Municipality Services Excellence Award

The "Smart Municipality Services Excellence Award" recognizes a municipality from the Middle East region that has demonstrated successful implementation of a fully functioning e-Municipality through a wide range of electronic services to businesses and citizens, optimization of business processes, and increase of the efficiency and service provision to the public. It celebrates innovations and excellence and showcases best practices and projects which have significantly contributed to the e-municipality in the region.

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Developed new management style to raise the level of performance and administrative efficiency.
2. Improves the business facilities for all services provided by governmental institutions for citizens.
3. Utilizes leading e-technology as the key enabler for improving the delivery of government services.
4. Expediting the work progress electronically with high quality facilitating in municipality.
5. Developed a strategic tool for the municipality to fulfill the present and future demands.
6. Provided easy access to the required information for municipality anytime and anywhere.
7. Made communication channels for government to be more accessible, effective, and efficient.
8. Built robust and resilient strategy for economic growth creating large-scale employment.
9. Increasing opportunities for most of its citizens technology sector with smart municipality.
10. Built solid sewerage, waste management, electricity supply, transport etc. by Solar Cities Mission.
11. Developed ICT-enabled government services eliminating delays in interacting with government.
12. Maintains air quality that always meets international safety standards.
13. Ensures that water and noise pollution are within permissible limits.
14. Fostered green energy sources that at least 10% of electricity generated is renewable.
15. Adopted best energy efficiency practices in buildings, streetlights, and transit systems.
16. Designed equally safe roads for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.
17. Maintained sanitation with no open defecation with full supply of toilets based on the population.
18. Robust internet network allowing high-speed connections to all offices and dwellings as desired.
19. Focused on cost savings by introducing an electronic exchange of information with related institutions and streamlining business processes.
20. Established water management programs with smart meters, rainwater harvesting, and green infrastructure to manage storm water runoff.

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