Smart Tourism Services Excellence Award

Smart Tourism Services Excellence Award recognizes outstanding achievements by Tourism companies that have developed Their services in the tourism industry in four categories: sustainability, accessibility, digitalization, cultural heritage, and creativity. And use initiative aims to promote smart tourism, network and strengthen destinations, facilitate the exchange of best practices, and have outstanding achievements across the tourism Service, Experience Excellence, and tourism Excellence categories. And to recognize & reward tourism entities that continually achieve sustained levels of excellence in customer service delivery.

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Provides outstanding tourists attraction packages attracting the highest visitor numbers.
2. Contributed to major festivals and events through tourism leisure festivals, and exhibitions.
3. Enhanced the profile/awareness and appeal of the destination the company is located in.
4. Created the economic impact, increased visitation, and community involvement.
5. Promots sports, arts, historical, cultural, literary, comedy, culinary and general interest events.
6. Created interests of local and international visitor to attend major event on their event calendar.
7. Ecologically sustained tourism business with a primary focus on experiencing all areas.
8. Fostered environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation, and conservation.
9. Fostered tourism businesses with great appreciation of authentic culture, history, and heritage.
10. Built business that sell/provide goods or hire services that contribute to the tourism industry.
11. Promoted a vision that tourism industry can be economical, experience based, or service based.
12. Consistently delivered high-quality and face-to-face information services to the visitor.
13. Built online platforms, smart associations, and tourism groups for reliable visitor Information.
14. Promotes high-quality facility venues designed for business visitors for meetings and conferences.
15. Significantly contributes to the combined provision of touring and transport services.
16. Started outdoor adventure tourism experiences that visitors participate for personal challenges.
17. Promoted tourism products, services, and destinations via online marketing approach.

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