Telecom Smart Services Excellence Award

The "Telecom Smart Services Excellence Award" aims to recognize an organization from the Middle East region for achieving breakthrough innovation and outstanding performance in the telecom industry, thus improving services and connectivity in the market it serves.

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Achieved unparalleled growth in its operation by innovating its service portfolio.
2. Improved customer service and developed its network capabilities by integrating smart solutions.
3. Pioneered innovation and brought exceptional value to clients in the managed services marketplace.
4. Is a Middle Eastern telecom operator and demonstrated unparalleled growth in the global market.
5. Successfully launched an innovative and revenue-generating enterprise service.
6. Manages cloud, video conferencing, M2M, Smart Solutions, etc., as an enterprise service.
7. Enabled the development of reliable and rapid nationwide connectivity.
8. Demonstrated various initiatives and improved continued customer centricity in their operation.
9. Have goals and vision, to benefit the national growth and the emerging market.
10. Concentrates on the need of the project and addresses its final beneficiaries.
11. Performed extraordinary service for the benefit of the telecommunication industry.
12. Implemented Innovative and creative project to develop telecom Smart Services.
13. Built innovative connectivity solutions to increase internet access connecting people or institutions.
14. Developed smart cities' smart living by digital techs to improve urban life.
15. Improved healthcare via remote diagnosis, care in the home, monitoring, treating and prevention.
16. Developed digital services by implementing ICT products or services improving financial services.
17. Enhanced E-learning by Innovative tools to expand educational programs and capacity building, including training and relevant content in local languages.

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