Smart Government Services Excellence Award

The “Smart Government Services Excellence Award" recognizes an organization from the Middle East region that offers high standard and complete end-to-end electronic service continuously focusing on improving performance, developing innovative projects to improve online government service delivery, with a specific focus on citizens or businesses as clients of government.

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Demonstrated government service compatible with other systems and functional environments.
2. Offers strategic importance to the national and global development of the Information Society.
3. Demonstrated the use of ICT to improve internal efficiency and government effectiveness.
4. Established a system/infrastructure that reduces the costs and time.
5. Developed applications and strategies for public services to improve accessibility to citizens.
6. Fostered local talent and synergies between the private and public sectors.
7. Established transformational projects prioritizing process redesign and process improvements.
8. Focused on public services spending as the most cost-effective sustainable savings opportunities.
9. Contributed to develop strategic workforce and projects initiatives.
10. Impacted on culture retention, talent growth and development.
11. Focused on health, safety, well-being, and work perks at workplace.
12. Developed a digital service, data management, analytics, and visualization.
13. Provides transformative power of data for decision-making and insight examples.
14. Improved interactions of governorates permitting payment and notifications by digital projects.
15. Developed public confidence, trust, and cross-boundary collaboration for public Services.
16. Implemented a public policy, program, or activity significant for the common good of people.
17. Encourages the exchange of service experience with other governments promoting partnerships.
18. Demonstrates secure eService, i.e., electronic monetary transaction and eService back-end support with real-time customer support.

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