Smart Ministry Services Excellence Award

The "Smart Ministry Services Excellence Award" is presented to a Ministry from the Middle East region that has demonstrated outstanding achievements in enhancing the country's competitiveness to stimulate and sustain economic growth through the systematic application and innovative use of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Demonstrated the use of information technologies that revitalize business processes.
2. Improves decision making and gain a competitive advantage by adopting e-government.
3. Provided efficient administrative support and technical training to the departments of the Ministry.
4. Transformed the existing government system that provides fully integrated services.
5. Aligned its organizational set-up with the new capacities it has acquired as a 'digital state'.
6. Supported broad public sector introducing innovative and sustainable ICT applications.
7. Reformed good governance with ministries and their interaction with citizens and the private sector.
8. Used information and communication technology to minimize transactional costs.
9. Streamlined their bureaucratic procedures, making their operations more efficient.
10. Used resources that enable them to deliver services in a better-organized and economical manner.
11. Developed appropriate strategies and training programs for implementing e-government programs.
12. Facilitated documentation using e-services.
13. Provided world-class multi-channel services by a coherent digitally efficient government to clients.
14. Enhanced the advantages of advanced digital infrastructure and highly qualified human resources.
15. Demonstrated efficient government internal portals that increase the productivity of civil servants.
16. Developed citizen portals that empowers citizens with superior e-services and customer services.
17. Provided end-to-end solutions that automate internal processes, create more intelligent internal communications, streamline business, optimize operations.
18. Complies with regulations to achieve citizen satisfaction through increased governmental efficiency.
19. Created digital services to address the needs of citizens such as food security, emotional support, transportation, or technology.
20. Advance the mission of Public Service with outstanding work and models of excellence.
21. Developing transformation Strategy in Growth and Development digital business Transformation.
22. Digitalized smart processes, strong governance, and Institutional arrangements.

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